Balloonists and Bubbleologists!

WhizzFizzFest celebrates and incorporates all of the creative arts and this year we’re excited to welcome some fabulous street performers…

Let the spectacular, and larger than life, bubbles enchant you as you take in the delights of WhizzFizzFest. Floating, rolling, warping, wibbling and wobbling; these beautiful bubbles will certainly capture the imagination of all our festival-goers! Catch the bubbleologist at one of their sessions throughout the day:
Runway Stage | 11.45am
Arches | 12.45pm
The Exchange | 1.45pm

Be amazed at the mind-blowing balloon artist, Miss Balloonist. Crafting anything from monkeys to pirates and jetpacks to jewellery, there’ll be something for everyone to take home. The limits are endless when Miss Balloonist gets to work! Catch Miss Balloonist at one of her sessions throughout the day: 
Arches | 12pm & 2.15pm
The Exchange | 1pm